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Fincke Clinical Cases

Clinical Cases from Bernhardt Fincke
  • Hydrocele
  • Swelling on jaw
  • Gall Bladder attack
  • Dry Labor
  • Threatened abortion
  • Constipation
  • Vaccinosis
  • Indigestion
  • Scanty urine
  • Diarrhea
  • Rhus poisoning


IHA Transactions, 1905- pages 144-147

Case 1. A little Italian boy, five years of age, has a big oval swelling, hard like a bladder filled with water, at the scrotum of the size of about three inches in diameter- hydrocele. I gave Abrotanum CM 14 powders-- one every night dry. The swelling began to get smaller after the first powder and was all gone before a month had passed.

Case 2. Miss Julia P., a tall slender girl of 19 years of age, and Italian seamstress.

March 17,1894, had a big swelling under the right ear going forward around the lower jaw and extending backward to the lower neck and occiput, each as large as a hen's egg. The extension under the face looks like a Frankfurt sausage, round and smooth. There is no pain. The selling commenced when she was nine years old and treated in the common allopathic way. Once an incision was made and pus discharged; no menstruation for three months. The girl looked pale and sickly, as if poorly nourished. Being a seamstress she has not much exercise.

Rx: Calcarea carbon. cm 14 powders one every night, dry.

April 10th. A funnicle appeared in the middle without pain; four days after beginning to take the powders, menses appeared.

Rx: Continue

April 24th. The boil discharged some pus, without pain.

Rx: Continue

May 19th: Got cold after the powders were gone, and the swellings increased very much. Now it is as it was before. Some pimples broke out on the face. No menstruation.

Rx: Continue

June 12th: The boil opened up again.

Rx: Continue

June 26th: about the same.

Rx: Hepar sulph calc. Cm 21 powders, one every night dry.

Nov. 6th. She looks like another person, quite pretty; regular every month. The sausage-like swelling around the lower neck is gone. Only one the size of a hen's egg below the right ear remains and a smaller one below and another below the left ear.

Rx: Continue

Nov. 20th. In the morning when she getting up pains in the legs as far as the ankles, swelling under the right ear, now like a small hen's egg, one like a pigeon's egg under the chin, the small glandular swellings under the left jaw.

Rx: Continue

Dec. 10th. Much better. The sausage like extension down the right jaw is much reduced.

Rx: Continue

January 19, 1905. Much better. One swelling like a pigeon's egg under the left jaw.

Rx: Continue

She never called again because she was well.

Case 3. Mrs. T., 45 years of age, tall, of strong build.

June 21, 1901. Complains of a steady pain in the region of the gall-bladder. She is subject to violent attacks of piercing pains proceeding from this region to the back with inclination to vomit. Heart's action very weak; pulse frequent and weak; attacks of asthma; also attacks of syncope without losing consciousness with numbness of the fingers, toes and the nose. Swelling of the feet.

Rx: Calculus fellis [gall-stone] Cm 14 powders, one every night dry.

July 3. Had a severe attack last Friday lasting two hours. The pain in the gall-bladder was not so steady as formerly; swelling of the feet. Yesterday burning in the stomach with water brash. Pulse Quiet, feels on the whole easier and better.

Rx: Continue.

July 26th. After the last powder a week ago, she had two attacks lasting two hours one day, and then one very severe one in the night lasting ten hours. Then she was better.

Rx: Continue.

Aug. 26th. Had an attack on the 16th inst. from 2 to 7 p.m., and another in the night. Menstruation set in very strong and with pains in the sacrum, which still continue. Constant pain in the region of the gall-bladder.

Rx:. No. 1. Pulsatilla Cm 7 powders, one every night dry. No. 2. Calculus fellis cm 7 powders, one every night dry.

Jan. 11, 1902. Had a light attack shortly after the last prescription. Since then she was well till the 8th inst., when she had an attack lasting four hours, beginning with vomiting of what she had eaten, and then empty retching and pains in the sacrum, the hypochondres and under the shoulders.

Rx: Continue. Cal. fellis Cm 14 powders.

June 12th. On January 22nd she had again an attack very severe lasting from 4 to 9 p.m. For a week she felt in the hepatic region as if wrenched. Since then she noticed nothing more and she looks very well indeed. When I saw her next time in the summer in Bella Sylvia she looked first rate. She had been in Switzerland since the last year, and up to November, 1904, had had no more attacks, Also now in May, 1905, she had no more attacks and is perfectly well. Before she came to me she shad been treated by a Swiss homeopathic physician probably with low potencies for gall-stones and then by an American with high potencies without success.

Case 4. The little boy of the first case was also cured of fearful stammering when trying to speak, by a few doses of Stramonium Cm within a few months.


H. C. Allen- That cure of hydrocele was a good cure. But it does not help us any to hear it because there are no symptoms given upon which to base the remedy.


IHA Transactions, 1896- pages 124-125

Case 1. After-effects of dry Labor.

Mrs. D. in Newark had a miscarriage every year, since she was married three years ago, on account of accidents.

1894, Nov. 8. Carried a child for the first time to full term, and after a dry labor for twenty-four hours a wellformed child was born but died in a few minutes after birth. Patient felt as if everything were loose inside the pelvis and the perineum was torn. It healed up soon, however, but she could feel the two bones of the symphysis pubis rub upon each other when walking. Everything inside the lower part of the abdomen feels sore especially on the left side and like bruised, the womb feels sore with bruised pain all through. Stretching sensation across the umbilical region so that the clothes are too heavy. Two months and a half after confinement a slight show but none since which is now three months. Otherwise she feels good and is getting fat. When with the child she was enormously large. The chloroform used during confinement did have no effect at all.

Rx: Arnica mont. M (million) one dose.

Nov. 26. This brought on her menstruation entirely painless, very profuse, as much as she would formerly have at those times, but all the soreness and other symptoms are gone and she feels perfectly well again.

Case 2. Threatened abortion.

The same lady.

1895, Oct. 30. Her husband-calls in the evening and reports that she is three months pregnant and has constant bearing down pains in the womb for a fortnight. Her physician (homeopathic) attending to her in her last confinement gave her three or four powders which relieved her for a while but don't do so anymore. This morning he gave her one dose with the remark that in such a state as she was in only one in a hundred would get through safely and if that medicine would not help her, there was nothing further to do to prevent a miscarriage. The doctor gave probably the 200th because the patient preferred the higher potencies.

Rx: Sabina cm one dose.

Oct. 31. The husband reports in the evening after about 24 hours, that patient slept well all last night and felt well in the morning on waking up. But when she arose, severe frontal headache set in and the pain in the womb returned with a sensation as if it were squeezed together. At 1 l a.m. the pain was across the pelvis. She was so much more in pain than ever before that she thought she must look out for some doctor whoever he might be, to give her relief. But after sober second thought she sent her husband to me. The state of affairs appeared threatening and another miscarriage might spoil the hope of the poor young woman.

Rx: Sabina M (million) one dose.

1896, Jan. 23. She took this dose at 8 p.m. After half an hour she was easier, then she got all right and slept all night through and was well. Thus far she is confident that she will be confined in May next which is to be hoped: as she has been well ever since.

The attending physician was very much surprised and wanted to know the remedy. I told her under the condition that she [the patient] would get the name of the remedy he had given and the potency. I have not heard of him. Very likely he gave the same remedy.


IHA Transactions, 1896- pages 226-231

Case 1. Constipation.

Mrs. McCormick fifty-odd years, 1867, Nov. 29. Pains all through her. No rest, no appetite. Constipation, had no stool for three weeks. The piles came down, as large as hazelnuts, stinging, she counts five of them. Red flies through her sight. Staggers in the street and cannot see because the pavement looks like splashing fire. Cold runs down her back like a splash of cold water. A pain comes from the womb up to the heart, then she must hold on to something and shakes. Sometimes pain before passing water and then the urine looks reddish. Menstruation twice a month. Copious leucorrhea in the intervals. She was led here by the hand because she could not walk alone. 10 a.m.

Rx: Nux vom. 94m, one dose.

Dec. 3. After the dose of Nux 94m at 4 o'clock in the afternoon patient had a pretty natural stool and also yesterday. She was very bad on Saturday and Sunday and thought she could not live, because she had very painful uterine cramps but now she is better. Noise on top of head, can see well, the fiery sparks are gone. But she staggers from one side to the other. Pain starting from abdomen to heart like wind. Frightful dreams of bad people, dead people. Tired and weary. Feet swelling. Some leucorrhea.

Rx: Sepia Cm.

Did not see her again but was told that she was well.

Case 2. Vaccinosis.

1885. W. G., a boy seven years old, was vaccinated a year ago. The wound in the arm did not catch and healed up. But a pustule appeared at the foot which became very sore and would not heal for a long time. After that he suffered from similar eruptions on his body and extremities with general weakness. His legs and forearms are now covered with a flat pustular eruption with a red halo and a depression in the center which when drying up itch. When scratching them they form sores. When one heals another comes.

Rx: Variolinum 9c [900] three powders, one every night, dry.

Cured in a short time.

Case 3. Indigestion.

1861, August 28. Mrs. S. Indigestion from new potatoes. Accumulation of saliva in mouth. Nausea. Pressure in epigastrium.

Rx: Alumina 2500, two globules.

After this dose eructation of air with relief in epigastrium and sensation as if everything were diffusing. In the night cutting pains in bowels and one loose stool. After that well.

Case 4. Scanty Urine.

1861, Aug. 31. Mrs. S. Swollen heavy. Some pressure in stomach. Urine scanty.

Rx: Terebinthina 1m.

Sep. 2. Next day easier. Now as before. The urine had increased but now is scanty again.

9 p.m., Rx: Terebinthina 2c [200].

Went to bed at 9 p.m. and woke at 11 p.m. with burning across the renal region, radiating toward the umbilical region and like false labor-pains with tenesmus recti and vesica, followed by discharge of a little burning urine. Then three or four times loose stool each following the described symptoms and thirst without drinking. Some pain on top of head. Weak, but easier in stomach.

Then she was well.

Case 5. Diarrhea. The same.

1862, March 19. Burning in sacrum going toward the abdomen and watery diarrhea. Chilliness.

9 p.m., Rx: Pulsatilla 7m two globules.

She had no more diarrhea.

The next day it went under the shoulder blades, then under the right shoulder blade with stinging through the chest anteriorly and sometimes worse on breathing, feeling like an ulceration underneath. This passed off soon and she was well.

Case 6. Rhus-poisoning

1874, June 15. Mr. G., twenty-seven, tall, florid complexion, black hair and beard.

Was poisoned on decoration day, May 30th, probably by coming in contact with poison-ivy. After about five days little pimples broke out at the right forearm about its middle which since this day a week got very large. Dr. E. gave him powders which had no effect. They were very hot and burning. He pricked the blisters and patient afterward pricked them every night and morning. Then he put on cosmoline but all to no purpose. The burning is intense. There was one large blister as large as a pigeon's egg which he pricked twice as it filled again. The place occupies the lower end of the forearm and the whole wrist and has a bad angry look, there are large and small water blisters on a shriveled brown surface. The pain goes up the arm.

Rx: Cantharis 90m in one-half tumbler of water, one teaspoonful every three hours, and Cantharis 50m one powder in a glass of water, to be applied externally by means of linen rags wet with it.

June 17. The sore travels toward the hand. The large blisters being in front. It pains now only when moving the hand in pronation and supination. Sleep and appetite good again. Left cheek red, right one pale. Though everything is better he is discouraged because I promised a speedy recovery.

Rx: Rhus tox Cm in water, a teaspoonful every three hours.

After a few days he returned and apologized and was very happy at the speedy recovery.



Dr. H. C. Allen- It is a peculiarity which I have noticed a number of times in poisoning by Rhus radicans, and I don't think it is recorded, and that is the annual reproduction of the symptoms at the same time of the year for a number of years in succession. One of my colleagues was poisoned ten or eleven years ago on the San Jacinto river in Texas. He had a very severe attack at the time, taking him some weeks to recover, the swelling completely closing his eyes and mouth. Every season since that, in the same month, and generally about the same day of the month, he has had a recurrence of the symptoms. I attended him during one attack, and it came on very suddenly. His face was greatly swollen, the eyes were closed for three or four days. I would like to know whether any member of the association has ever noticed a recurrence of toxicological symptoms annually, under the poisonings of Rhus tox.

Dr. Taft- I would like to ask the association where I can find a proving of Rhus radicans. I have had several cases where Rhus tox. seemed indicated, and when given in varying potencies, seemed to do little apparent good; then I changed to Rhus rad. and cured the patient. I have felt that Rhus rad. was a deeper acting remedy than Rhus tox. and would be glad to find a good proving of it.

Dr. Fincke- You might find it in Jahr's Symptomen Codex.

Dr. James- Doctor J . W. Thompson, of New York, has a very high appreciation of Rhus rad. and I have heard him lately several times complain of the Guiding Symptoms for not having Rhus rad. included. The editor of the Guiding Symptoms, now speaks of getting up an appendix which shall include the remedies which have been previously omitted; that is, those that are sufficiently well proved, and they will then be accompanied by a repertory on the same plan as this new repertory of the Guiding Symptoms.

Dr. Allen- I would like to ask Doctor Fincke if he has ever met with annual reproductions of the eruption in poisoning by Rhus tox. I have met a great many cases of Rhus rad. poisoning that had this annual reproduction of the symptoms, but in nearly every case I found it occurring in a patient of a tubercular inheritance.

Dr. Campbell- I don't see how you are going to tell whether it is Rhus rad. or Rhus tox.?

Dr. Allen- You very rarely find Rhus rad. and Rhus tox. growing in the same locality. Rhus rad. usually grows in a different soil.

Dr. Fincke- The late homeopathic apothecary Mr. Smith, in Brooklyn, could not even touch a bottle containing a tincture or potency of Rhus tox. without being seriously affected by it. His son, Albert, went to the New Jersey swamps to collect poison-oak plants for the preparation of the tincture. Both his hands got into a fearful state, being blistered all over. He applied camphor and everything he could think of in the store but he got no relief and no sleep at night. Then he asked me to prescribe for him and Rhus tox. 80m soon helped him and cured him in one dose. The case was published some twenty years ago in the Medical Investigator.

Dr. Campbell- Are we to understand from Doctor Allen's remarks that when the symptoms recur we are to give Rhus rad. instead of Rhus tox.? I have a patient that does not need to go into the country to have the symptoms recur, if she goes where it grows, even without coming in contact with it, she always has the erysipelatous itch. Do you mean to say that Rhus rad. will prevent the recurrence?