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Homeopathy & Psychiatry - The Foundation Book

Homeopathy & Psychiatry - The Foundation Book

We are unique individuals. However, have we ever wondered what makes us so?

Each one of us is making a personal journey on this planet. We are at different levels of individuation. All that we sense, think, feel or perceive is a part of our individual state and an expression of our Personal Evolution. Our inner age that reflects this Personal Evolution, can be very different from our physically manifest biological age. Based on this inner age, we are programmed with certain specific issues that become our life script.

Dr. Gandhi’s work called the Personal Evolution Model (PEM), speaks about mapping this inner age of a person. Within this new paradigm, Dr. Gandhi has lent fresh relevance and wider utility to the Mineral, Plant and Animal Kingdoms. He has also incorporated the understanding of the four Basic Elements in his work along the same lines.

This comprehensive way of understanding an individual, integrates all the other contemporary approaches in Homeopathy under one overarching philosophy. It introduces homeopaths to a framework that will help them to individualize cases coming for treatment. They can study the patients and their pathology from this perspective to arrive at a simillimum. It will prove to be equally useful in the treatment of disease that expresses itself as either a mental disorder or a physical pathology.
The book does not stop at this but also dwells upon the idea of the purpose of illness in general. Illness is seen as having a higher purpose. Recognizing this, we can get closer to our spiritual Self, which is the ultimate goal of our personal evolution.
Dr. Gandhi teaches PEM in several countries around the world. The framework has been well received worldwide and has been successfully applied in clinical practice by his students.

This Foundation Book discusses the basic concepts needed to understand this model with all the charts and some illustrative case studies. It is the first part in a series of books that will explain the application of this path-breaking model in the treatment of a variety of psychiatric disorders.

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